I am a RYT Registered Yoga teacher, Sports,Thai massage and Bodywork therapist.

I received my teacher training from Yoga Arts (Australia) in 2005. My yoga journey has taken many forms; From the vigorous practises of vinyasa and ashtanga to acroyoga ..... For the past 5 years, I have found inspiration in the teachings of BKS Iyengar and am a disciple of senior teacher Peter Thomson.

I am certified in Thai Massage by the Thai Massage School of ChiangMai and have studied under Oestheopaths Arnaud L'Hermitte & David Lutt and Itzhak Helman of the Sunshine Network.

I have a keen interest in sports especially endurance sports and have trained in Ironman and sports massage with the renown Dr Myk Hungerford (mother of sports massage).

I am also a sports consultant and organise marathons and sports events.

Yoga helped me recuperate from a traumatic accident and I practise yoga to share its healing benefits with others. I believe in the transformation power of yoga and use Massage and other bodywork techniques to achieve greater depths in my yoga practise.

Yoga is a sharing of love and compassion that can bring about emotional and physical healing.

HP : +(61)0415938856 / email : elainehuilian@gmail.com

Goodbye Dr Myk

My teacher, Dr Myk, passed away last week following complications from a surgery that led to renal and heart failure. She was a renown sports therapist and an amazing teacher. After working at the Aviva Half Ironman, I wasn't sure that sports massage was my thing ...........

I have however decided that in honor of Dr Myk and her great work, I will seriously study and develop my sports massage practise this year. May her healing hands guide me and show me the way.

Dr Hungerford was a direct successor of Dr Tony Iciak who learned from Dr Felix Kiersten who was the massage therapist to Himmler (Dr Kiersten was instructed by Dr Ko a Tibetan monk and M.D from Oxford. Dr Hungerford knew the Tibetan techniques but was however not authorized to teach.

Dr Hungerford graduated from the Swedish Institute in New York- the oldest massage school then went on for a PhD in Physical Therapy and a degree in nutrition from Donsbaugh University.

Dr Hungerford massaged President Kennedy and Jacqueline while they were in the White House. Dr Hungerford worked alongside Dr Janet Travel (Myofascial Trigger Point) while in the White House and at Eisenhower Medical Center.She learned Strain Counterstrain from Dr Lawrence Jones at Phoenix General Hospital.She studied reflexology with Eunice Ingham Stopfel, orthopedics with Dr Cyriax, neuromuscular therapy with Paul St John, sports massage with Bennie Vaughn.

Dr Hungerford was the National Education for the AMTA and helped to certify schools. Dr Hungerford also helped to get sports massage into the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. Dr Hungerford then started the Sports Massage Training Institute ( http://drmyk-sportsmassage-training.com/) and opened the American Institute of Massage Therapy in Costa Mesa, CA.

Dr Hungerford was in charge of the Bike to Run Transition area at the Ironman in Kona for over 15 years. Dr Hungerford wrote the book: Beyond Sports Medicine and a 7-DVD series for full body massage techniques.

The above is an excerpt written byDr Myk's disciple : Brian Arakaki PT, ATP, CMT, NCTMB Physical Therapist, Assistive Technology Practitioner Certified Massage Therapist / InstructorNational Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork St. Jude Centers for Rehabilitation and Wellness2767 E. Imperial Hwy, Brea, CA 92821